Cannabis Oil Dispensing Products

Our dispensing products are a great way to fill cartridges and dispense oils. Jensen Global offers traditional manual dispensing options, plus pneumatic dispensing options that provide ergonomic relief and greater efficiency. We have the flexibility and expertise to work side by side with end users and distributors in the industry to create a customized solution to meet a variety of dispensing needs. Below are some of our most popular items that are used in the industry, as well as a link to videos demonstrating how our products work. Please contact us for more information.  


 Watch Dispensing Videos


     Touchscreen Shot Meter               Digital Shot Meter                     Premium Finger Switch                      XP Series Syringe Adapters        



     100CC Manual Syringe                50CC Manual Syringe                         50CC Air Syringe Kits                              Luer Lock Tip Caps


                                                                                      14 Gauge Dispensing Tip           15 Gauge Dispensing Tip                16 Gauge Dispensing Tip                     Angled Dispensing Tips