Specialty Dispensing Tips

We offer unique tips used in specialty applications for any dispensing need.  All-metal needles are made for heavy usage while PTFE-lined and dosing tips are ideal for cyanoacrylate dispensing to help with clogging and curing. To prevent curing and protect the dispensing tip, covers and scabbards are also available.  Custom tips are available upon request.

 Note: Our dispensing tips are intended for industrial use only. They are not sterile and should not be used for medical purposes.


PTFE-Lined Dispensing Tips

PTFE-lined dispensing tips are a unique custom tip that consists of a 304 stainless steel cannula and a PTFE insert. This specialty tip resists clogging of cyanoacrylates, anaerobics and other epoxies that tend to clog in a typical stainless steel cannula. This product is best used for microdot application of low viscosity fluids and has a burr-free tip.

All-Metal Dispensing Tips

Our all-metal tips are manufactured with nickel plated hubs and 304 stainless steel cannulas. They are sold in bags of 12 and made to order; additional lead time may be required.

Brush Dispensing Tips

Brush tips are made to help spread out material with a blunt-tipped needle located inside of the brush. The hub is Luer Lock and will twist into any syringe.

Dosing Dispensing Tips

Adhesive dosing tips provide extremely fine control over your manual dispensing application. They can be cut and disposed of easily with each use.

Oval Dispensing Tips

Our Oval bend dispensing tips are a nice alternative to our standard tips when looking to restrict flow or apply a smaller bead of material.

Ear Style Dispensing Tips

An alternative to the double-helix Luer Lock style dispensing tips, the ear style locks the hub into place using the wings at the opening.

Needle Covers

Needle covers are larger plastic enclosures that encase both the metal cannula and part of the hub to prevent any bending, breaking, or outside contamination.

Scabbard Covers

Scabbard covers fit over the tip of blunt needles and provide a seal to keep your material from drying or curing. They are available for tips from 12 to 25 gauge and are composed of nylon or sanoprene depending on the gauge size.