Manual Syringes

These syringes consist of a barrel, stopper, and plunger for manual deposit of materials. Manual syringes are available either assembled or unassembled and will work with all Jensen Global dispensing tips. The size of the syringe is measured in cc’s or ml's and range from 1 cc to 100 cc.

Assembled Manual Syringes

Assembled Manual Syringes

Fully assembled syringes are available either calibrated or clear and come packaged or in bulk. They have the ability to lock-in the dispensing tips with a double helix thread and accept all dispensing tips.

Luer Slip syringes allow you to slip on any type of dispensing tip with speed and ease. They are an excellent alternative to the Luer Lock mechanism.

Air Syringes

Unassembled Luer Lock

These syringes come unassembled without any calibrations and are sold in packages with the barrel, stopper, and plunger. Offered in Luer Lock style only.

Tapered Tip

Our one-piece molded barrels are made of polypropylene and do not require a dispensing tip to operate. This natural colored syringe is available in four different tip sizes and offer a great alternative for dispensing thicker materials. The tapered tip can be cut back to widen the opening and allow more material to flow.