Bayonet & Bell Style Static Mixer Tips for Efficient Material Blending

Explore our advanced range of Static Mixers, designed for seamless integration with dual-part syringes or cartridges to effectively mix two-component materials. Our static mixers feature a precision-engineered bayonet connection or bell-style attachment, ensuring a secure and efficient setup for your mixing needs. The dispensing end is adaptable with options including Luer Slip, Luer Lock, or stepped configurations, catering to various application requirements. These mixers work exceptionally well with our syringe adapters and are perfectly compatible with our dispenser systems, enhancing both flexibility and performance.

Our static mixing tubes are equipped with internal static mixing elements that promote optimal homogeneity of materials, reducing waste and enhancing the quality of the mix. Whether you are looking for static mixer tips or static mixing tips, our products provide reliable solutions with consistent performance. The unique design of our style mixer ensures a smooth and controlled dispensing process, ideal for industries requiring precise material blending.

Available in convenient bags of 10, our Static Mixers are essential tools for applications ranging from adhesives and epoxies to complex chemical processes. Each mixer is crafted to offer superior mixing performance with minimal effort, making them a preferred choice for professionals across various sectors.