Dispensing Glossary

  • Accordion Bottle
    A style of dispensing bottle that allows you to squeeze material out of the bottle and fit a Luer Lock dispensing tip on the top. Also known as a Bellows Bottle.
  • Adhesive
    Any material that can be used to adhere or "stick" one surface to another.
  • Air Syringe
    A polypropylene dispensing reservoir designed to withstand pressure up to 100 psi and to be used in conjunction with an air stopper.
  • Angled Dispensing Tip
    Dispensing tips that are manufactured using the highest quality standards and are angled at 45 or 90 degrees.
  • Applicators
    The device that dispenses a material (adhesive) onto a substrate or product. Some examples include guns, manual syringes and cartridges.
  • Back Pressure
    Refers to pressure opposed to the desired flow of a fluid in a confined place.
  • Barb Fitting
    A cylindrical fitting used to attach and secure tubing from a syringe adapter to a dispensing shot meter.
  • Barrel
    The part of the syringe that holds the material to be dispensed.
  • Blunt Tip
    A flat opening for industrial, non-medical dispensing applications describing the end of the cannula.
  • Boston Round
    A style of dispensing bottle with a rounded neck.
  • CA
    An abbreviation for cyanoacrylate, see definition below.
  • Cannula
    Metal tubing which is attached to a plastic hub to create a dispensing tip.
  • Cartridges
    Cartridges are an alternative product when syringes are too small of a capacity.
  • Cyanoacrylate
    A form of a sturdy, fast acting adhesive typically called super glue.
  • Dispensing Guns
    Guns that are operated either pneumatically, manually, or with a lithium ion battery and are used for pre-filled syringes or dual-part cartridges.
  • Double-Helix
    A pair of parallel helices intertwined about a common axis, especially that in the structure of the Luer Lock hub.
  • Ear Style
    An alternative to the double-helix Luer Lock style dispensing tips, the ear style also locks the hub into place using the wings at the opening.
  • End Cap
    A cap made for the large opening of the syringe barrel to store material and prevent curing.
  • Epoxy
    An instantly hardening mix that can be used as an adhesive. Generally used to fill gaps or repairs to surface defects.
  • Finger Switch
    A finger controlled actuator used for precision dispensing that can be used as a foot pedal substitute.
  • Flange
    The tabs at the top of the syringe for fingers or an adapter to grip while pressure is applied to the plunger.
  • Flow Rate
    The amount of material flowing through the system per unit of time.
  • Foot Valve
    A purely pneumatic valve pedal that includes a built-in regulator and gauge to control the flow of material, and a simple step-to-activate.
  • Gauge
    An industry standard of measurement referring to the a thickness of wire or cannula, typically referred to as AWG (American Wire Gauge).
  • High Precision
    Our NT premium series dispensing tip that uses a nationally color coded hub. This tip has gone through an extra de-burring process to promote a smoother, cleaner, and more definitive dispensing application. The cannula of this dispensing tip is also polished and has tighter tolerances.
  • Hub
    Part of a dispensing tip that connects to a syringe or bottle via Luer Lock, Luer Slip or Ear Style.
  • ID
    An abbreviation for Inside Diameter, see definition below.
  • Inside Diameter
    The inner measurement of the cannula.
      • Luer Lock
        A female double-helix style that allows the user to lock the hub into place.
      • Luer Slip
        A press-to-fit style that allows the user to slip the hub into place.
      • Manifold
        A device that distributes material.
      • Manual Syringe
        A dispensing reservoir designed to be dispensed manually. Usually packaged assembled and calibrated.
      • Material
        A term used to describe what someone is dispensing.
      • Needle Cover
        A polyethylene sheath that press fits over the cannula and part of the hub.
      • Nozzle
        A polypropylene dispensing tip that is used to dispense material from cartridges.
      • OD
        An abbreviation for Outside Diameter, see definition below.
      • Outside Diameter
        The outer measurement of the cannula.
      • Plunger
        A polyethylene rod that attaches to a rubber stopper and dispenses manually in a syringe barrel.
      • Polypro
        A style of dispensing tip meant for sensitive surfaces and provides scratch-free dispensing. The tubing is made out of polypropylene which allows it to be flexible.
      • PSI
        An abbreviation for pounds per square inch and is a measurement of air pressure.
      • PTFE
        An abbreviation for polytetrafluoroethylene and a the most flexible style of dispensing tip. This tip is best used for CA and epoxy applications.
        • Receiver Head
          Receiver heads work with cartridges by holding them in place during dispensing. The opening at the head of the unit allows for a dispensing tip to be attached and an air line attaches to the back to provide the necessary pressure.
        • Regulator
          A device for controlling the rate of working machinery or for controlling air/material flow.
        • RTV
          An abbreviation for Room Temperature Vulcanization in reference to a type of silicone rubber made from a two component system.
        • Scabbard Cover
          A nylon or sanoprene cover that is gauge-specific and slips over the end of the cannula to seal in material.
        • Shot Meter
          A pneumatically actuated dispensing device.
        • Solder Paste
          Solder paste is a material used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards to connect surface mount components to the copper traces of the board.
        • Stopper
          Also knows as a piston or gasket, this plastic or rubber piece works to push material through a syringe barrel.
        • Syringe Adapter
          Allows an air syringe to connect to a dispensing shot meter or foot valve.
        • Tapered Tip
          Tapered dispensing tips are all-plastic, one piece disposable tips that are 1.25” long with a Luer Lock thread. The high-density molded double-helix thread on one end tapers down to one of several size openings. This design allows the material to flow easier by reducing the back pressure.
        • UV
          An abbreviation for UV in reference to a specific type of radiation that is produced by the sun. This can cause curing in certain types of adhesives.
        • Viscosity
          A quantity expressing the magnitude of internal friction, as measured by the force per unit area resisting a flow in which parallel layers unit distance apart have unit speed relative to one another.