We offer a comprehensive selection of dispensing accessories to support your dispensing needs. You will find any extra components and accessories that can be used as alternatives or in conjunction with Jensen Global products.


Air Syringes


Cartridges are an alternative product when syringes are too small of a capacity. Cartridges are available in low or high density and are offered in three different capacities (2.5oz., 6oz. and 12oz.). Cartridge accessories include plunger wipers, end caps and threaded plugs. 1/4" threaded nozzles screw into the cartridge for bead and dot dispensing.

Air Syringes


These starter kits include samples of a wide variety of needles and syringes to allow you to select the appropriate products that work best for your dispensing application.



Dispensing nozzles are used in conjunction with cartridges when your application requires a reservoir larger than a syringe. Nozzles have a 1/4” thread and connect into the dispensing end of cartridges with a variety of openings that can be cut back with a knife for increased flow.

Static Mixers

Static mixers connect to the end of dual-part syringes or cartridges and mix two-component materials. Connection to the material is either bell or bayonet style, and the dispensing end can be Luer Slip, Luer Lock, or stepped. Static mixers are sold in bags of 10.


We have a variety of plastic and nylon fittings that help connect your dispensing devices.


We have a variety of parts available to replace parts on our equipment. Please let our customer support team know what you are looking for so we can find you the correct replacement part.


Tubing is sold per foot and provides the user with the option for a longer dispensing reach or UV protection. They are available for your replacement air or material lines, in 1/4” and 5/32”.