Why should I purchase Jensen Global Products?

We are very focused on the overall experience that enables customers to receive consistent high quality products. It's very important for us to ensure that the whole process from the initial visit to the website or to the delivery of the product exceeds your expectations by providing great service, information about our products and how your needs can be solved. We can provide large quantities and a wide variety of products for all types of dispensing needs.  Additionally, we have the expertise and flexibility to address any specific dispensing need.  We provide services for customers large and small in industries including but not limited to Electronics, Aerospace, Life Sciences, Arts & Crafts, Dentistry, Henna tattooing, Jewelry Fabrication, Vaporizing and Lego Art.

What if I need a product that I do not see on the website?

Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We are constantly adding products and working with customers on molds and specific niche products that we can manufacture for your specific needs.  Some products may not yet have been added to the website, so please let us know what you are looking.

How long has Jensen Global been in business?

After working in the industry for 13 years, Greg Jensen formed Jensen Global in June 2002 with the goal that he could provide what he believed was missing from the industry. His time and experience in the industry has allowed him to develop a reputation as a person who is knowledgeable, innovative, passionate and consistently delivers high quality products.

What are my shipping options?

We use United Parcel Service (UPS) for shipping products both domestically and internationally at a variety of shipping speeds.

What industries use Jensen Global products?

Jensen Global provides services for customers large and small in industries including but not limited to Electronics, Aerospace, Life Sciences, Arts & Crafts, Dentistry, Henna tattooing, Jewelry Fabrication, Vaporizing and Lego Art.

Can you manufacture custom needles?

Yes we can. Lead-time is usually 4 weeks for a sample and 4-6 weeks for the product after sample approval.

Are your dispensing tip needles sharp?

No, all of our needles are blunt tipped (probe point) unless you special order them. Our dispensing needles and tips are non-medical, non-sterile and are intended for industrial use.

Are your products sterile or for medical use?

No, all of our products are intended for industrial use and are not intended to be used for medical purposes.

How do I compare a competitor’s products to one of Jensen ’s Products?

Please contact us or insert the competitor's product number into our search bar and we can cross reference most competitor's products.  Additionally, you will find a Cross Sheet under the Useful Information tab that can be used for this purpose.  

How will I know the shipping cost of my order?

Once you add the items into your shopping cart, you can get a freight quote by continuing to check out and entering your ship-to information on the next screen. This will all be provided prior to committing to a purchase.

Do you stock all of your products, what is the lead-time on my order?

Most of our products we have in stock, however our dispensing equipment, angled needles, and a few other items typically have a lead time of about 1 week.

How do I create a purchase order?

We only accept direct orders from our stocking distributors. If you would like to apply to be a Jensen Global distributor please contact us to discuss your initial stocking order and estimated usage.

Can I use my valid CA resale number?

Please contact us either via email at sales@jensenglobal.com or by phone at 805-965-3668 to be set up in our system with a California tax exemption.

I forgot to add on an item to my order, can you add it for me to save on shipping costs?

Since you have only authorized us to charge a certain amount to your credit card at checkout, we cannot add an item to your order. You must submit an additional order or the original order must be cancelled and re-entered with the additional items if you wish to save on shipping costs.

Why would you need to create an account to purchase off the website?

You will be prompted to create an account for your first initial order so that we can retain your order history, shipping and billing information to enable you to expedite your next order. If you prefer to sign-in as a guest that option is also available. We want to make the experience of shopping on our site easy, intuitive and as quick as possible.

How do I pay for my order?

You can always access your shopping cart in the upper right hand corner of our website and proceed to checkout. You will then be asked for shipping info, payment, and any additional notes you wish to add to the order.  We have provided several other payment options including PayPal and Amazon Payments to make your checking out easier and quicker.  

Do you sell my data or personal information?

No, never. We understand the highly sensitive nature and expectation to keep these details safe and secure. We take this responsibility very seriously and all the necessary precautions will be taken to make sure those details stay safe. 

Are my credit card details safe and secure?

Yes they are. Your credit card information is temporarily stored in a secure off-site processing center, but is never saved for future use and we use the highest degree of care to keep those details safe and secure.

What is my tracking number?

We send tracking information to the email address you provided. UPS sends out a notification email to alert you that a package is coming and what the tracking number is. We also list the tracking number on the invoice, which we send at the end of the day.

What type of warranty is offered on your products?

We have a 1 year limited parts warranty on our JGD500T, but offer support for it indefinitely. Please feel free to contact our customer service team here to assist you with any problem you may have.