Our Story


Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to learn about how Jensen Global started, what our focus is, and why we go to great lengths to learn about our customer’s needs.

With over 30 years in the industry, Greg Jensen took his expertise and knowledge regarding dispensing products and wanted to focus on what he did best, help people with their dispensing needs and customize solutions for those needs. In 2002 Jensen Global, Inc. was founded with the goal of providing an extensive offering of high quality dispensing products from a reliable and trusted company.

The Company was built one customer at a time on the expectation that expertise, trust and personal service were delivered. Despite the significant growth that Jensen Global has experienced since 2002, we still maintain this same focus. We are aware that as a customer of dispensing products you have options.  However, we also know that if we continue with the values that Jensen Global was built on combined with our great pricing you will not find a company that will provide a better overall experience. Our ongoing focus is to make sure that every experience, whether online or offline is easy, efficient and addresses each person’s specific needs.  That is why we provide a variety of communication channels and resources in which to facilitate a well-informed decision on which Jensen Global product is your best solution.

We believe that it is imperative to ensure our experts work directly with our distributors, representatives and end users so that the right solution and product is delivered correctly and quickly. We believe we do this better than anyone else in the industry, and continue to find ways to make the experience of working with Jensen Global easier, more efficient and comprehensive.

These goals need to be reinforced and adhered to everyday, with every interaction. Moving forward we will continue to take the required steps to continuously learn what our customer's needs are and how we can improve the experience of working together. Jensen Global will continue to grow the product offering, consistent with our high quality standards and competitive pricing. We encourage you to contact us and provide feedback, good or bad, so that we can continue improving your experience.

Thank you for allowing Jensen Global the opportunity to satisfy your dispensing needs.