Tip Caps

Tip and end caps serve to keep material in a syringe when not in use and prevent curing or contamination.  Luer Lock tip caps keep material secure at the dispensing end, while an end cap can keep material contained at the wider opening where fluid is deposited.  End caps are usually used for air barrels while tip caps can be used with any Luer Lock or Luer Slip fitting on either a syringe or bottle cap.

Luer Lock Tip Caps

Luer Lock tip caps twist on the end of any Luer Lock syringe or bottle cap and are offered in a variety of colors. This allows a locked seal around the dispensing end of the fitting therefore keeping material in the reservoir without leakage. This cap can also press fit onto a Luer Slip syringe, providing a wide range of usage.

End Caps

These caps are designed to keep material inside the syringe from curing or contamination. Orange end caps are size specific and fit Jensen Global air syringes.

Air Syringes

Taper Tip Caps

The tapered dispensing tip cap is flexible and fits over any of the NT Premium Series or IT Series tapered tips. It provides a cap that can keep material contained when you are not using the dispensing tip.