Air Syringes

Pneumatically-operated syringes require a heavy-duty barrel and stopper to safely dispense material up to 100 psi. A syringe adapter connects the shot meter or foot valve with an air syringe and pressurizes the stopper to precisely dispense material.


Premium Air Syringe & Stopper Kits

Premium air barrels are manufactured with the highest quality standards for the best performance, while reducing material waste, and providing ergonomic relief. We package these barrels with a white polyethylene stopper used for most applications. However, several other options are available which include an orange straight-wall stopper ideal to prevent unintended stopper movement, a red tight fit stopper ideal for low viscosity materials, or a tan stopper designed specifically for materials containing air pockets. UV-blocking air barrels (amber or black tint) are also available. 

Air Syringes & Stopper Kits

Air syringe barrels are manufactured with a heavy flange and are custom designed to withstand pressure. We package these with a white polyethylene stopper for drip-free dispensing, however several other options are available. These options include: a red straight-wall stopper for high viscosity material, a red thermal stopper for low viscosity materials, or a blue plastic stopper designed specifically to reduce back pressure when dispensing cyanoacrylates (CA). ESD-safe or Ultra Violet (UV) blocking air barrels (amber or black tint) are also available.

Tapered Tip Air Syringes

Our one-piece molded barrels are made of polypropylene and do not require a dispensing tip to operate. This natural colored syringe is available in four different tip sizes and offer a great alternative for dispensing thicker materials. The tapered tip can be cut back to widen the opening and allow more material to flow.

Tip Caps

Syringe Adapters

Our precision molded adapters connect Jensen Global air syringe barrels to the air output of the dispensing unit. Designed for ease of use with minimal effort, these adapters will attach securely every time. These adapters have a 1/4” or a 5/32” tubing and come with either a white QC fitting or a black universal fitting.