Fluid Reservoirs

We offer a wide range of fluid reservoirs ranging from stainless steel tanks to pressure tanks used in conjunction with a Shot Meter to pressurize and meter the material you are dispensing. Receiver heads and retainers also provide the user with mobility and an ergonomic way to dispense from cartridges.
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Pressure Tanks

These tanks are designed around industry standard bottles of cyanoacrylates and UV Adhesives. The JGD1LBK fits 500 gram bottles of cyanoacrylate and is made of an aluminum shield for housing the material bottle. The JGD1LT is made for 1 liter UV adhesive bottles and is available as a wide tank as well.

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SS Tanks

These tanks allow for material storage and dispensing. Each tank comes with a regulator, gauge and pressure relief valve. They are available in 1, 2, 3 and 5 gallon capacities.

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Cartridge Receiver Heads

Receiver heads work with cartridges by holding them in place during dispensing. The opening at the head of the unit allows for a dispensing tip to be attached and an air line attaches to the back to provide the necessary pressure.

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Syringe Loading System

Horizontal stand with caulking cartridge retainer, Easy access ring mount, with toggle on and off switch. Cartridges for this system come in 6 oz., 10.3 oz. and 12 oz.