Tapered Dispensing Tips

Our ESD safe Dispensing Tips eliminate the danger of high charges generated by conventional dispensing needles. 

These Premium Taper Tip dispensing needles are all 1.25 inches long and available in a box of 50 or in a bulk bag of 1,000 pieces. Lead time is stock to 3 weeks.

  • SKU: JG14-1.25HPTTX-ESD
  • SKU: JG14-1.25HPTT-ESD
  • SKU: JG16-1.25HPTTX-ESD
  • SKU: JG16-1.25HPTT-ESD
  • SKU: JG18-1.25HPTTX-ESD
  • SKU: JG18-1.25HPTT-ESD
  • SKU: JG20-1.25HPTTX-ESD
  • SKU: JG20-1.25HPTT-ESD
  • SKU: JG22-1.25HPTTX-ESD
  • SKU: JG22-1.25HPTT-ESD
  • SKU: JG25-1.25HPTTX-ESD
  • SKU: JG25-1.25HPTT-ESD
  • SKU: JG27-1.25HPTTX-ESD
  • SKU: JG27-1.25HPTT-ESD

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