18 Gauge 0.5" Passivated SS Cannula With Custom .038" ID

Green colored Luer Lock hub with a 18 gauge passivated stainless steel cannula. The Inside Diameter is 0.038” (0.970 mm) and the Outside Diameter is 0.050” (1.270 mm). Our NT Series Premium polished tips feature a polypropylene plastic double-helix hub with a UV-bonded passivated stainless steel cannula. The burr-free tip design allows for precise dispensing with no residuals.  Minimum 2000 pieces. Non cancellable and non returnable. Bag of 1000 dispensing tips.

  • Gauge: 18 
  • Color: Green
  • ID:   0.038" (0.970 mm)
  • OD: 0.050" (1.270 mm)
  • SKU: JG18-0.5PHP-38

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