10 cc Manual Luer Lock Unassembled Syringes

These syringes come unassembled without any calibrations (no print) and are sold in packages with a barrel, stopper, and plunger. Offered in Luer Lock style only.  Syringes typically come lubricated but silicone-free is also an option.
  • SKU: JG10M-30
  • SKU: JG10M-30-SF
  • SKU: JG10M-30-UVB
  • SKU: JG10M-30-UVB-SF
  • SKU: JG10M-30-UVA
  • SKU: JG10M-30-UVA-SF
  • SKU: JGM10LL-15
  • SKU: JGM10LL-15-SF

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