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Jensen Global, Inc. is a leader in dispensing systems and solutions. We offer many different styles and types of dispensing tips, syringes, squeeze bottles, equipment and other accessories for a wide variety of applications and uses. Our goal is to provide the most extensive selection of high quality dispensing products at highly competitive prices.

We provide our products to a variety of industries that include electronics, industrial, dental, aerospace, life sciences, henna art, arts and crafts, hobby, automotive, craft brewing, pest control, and aquarium service. We think that we provide product to these diverse industries because we thrive on providing customized solutrions where we collobaorate with a customer and find a product or systems that solves their need.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please feel free to contact us by phone, chat or email should you have any question about navigating the site or any product inquires. We have live experts ready to assist you.