22 Gauge Polypropylene Dispensing Tip

Our flexible Polypro dispensing tips are manufactured with white polypropylene tubing.  Best used in applications that need scratch-free results or the ability to insert the dispensing tip into a curved or problematic area. They can be cut to a customized length or to remove parts of the tip that have become difficult to use due to curing. Excellent when used with many adhesives including cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, or other quick curing adhesives.  Available in boxes of 50 or bags of 1000.


  • Gauge: 22 
  • Color: Blue
  • ID: 0.016" (0.406 mm)
  • OD: 0.035" (0.889 mm)
  • SKU: JG22-0.5XPRO
  • SKU: JG22-0.5PRO
  • SKU: JG22-1.0XPRO
  • SKU: JG22-1.0PRO
  • SKU: JG22-1.5XPRO
  • SKU: JG22-1.5PRO

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