Digital Dispenser Shot Meter - NO LOGO

Jensen Global’s bench top digital fluid dispenser allows for reproducible deposits of a wide range of thin or viscous materials such as solder pastes, masks, adhesives, epoxies, RTV’s, silicones, cyanoacrylates, paints, inks, oils, lubricants, solvents and more. This dispenser has 2 modes of operation, manual & auto. The manual mode allows for dispensing at the operators discretion while the auto mode allows the user to set a specific time for dispensing material. It is excellent for use with pre-filled syringes of material or when loading empty syringes.

Included: foot switch, power supply, 30/50 cc air syringe adapter, 50 cc air syringe barrels with stoppers, and a small variety pack of needles.  Finger switches can be purchased and used as an alternative actuator to the foot switch.

  • SKU: JGD400S-CNL

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