Cannabis Fill Kit DIY

It's essential! If you like to create essential oils for yourself or for other people, this is a great kit for both! Our syringe filling kit is a wonderful option to mix, fill and transport your oils. The large 50 CC manual syringe can be used with the Luer to Luer fitting to fill the smaller 1 cc syringes or select a variety of flavors to fill the 1 cc syringes and combine them in the 50 cc syringe for a fragrance like no other! Our 1 CC syringes are specifically designed with a low dead space to help reduce material loss and the included tip caps will keep your material safe and secure. This kit includes: 1 - 50 cc calibrated manual syringe, 10 - 1 cc calibrated manual syringes, 1 - Luer to Luer fitting (to connect syringes to each other), 10 - tip caps, & 11 - 14 gauge blunt dispensing tips (1 - 1.5" length & 10 - 0.5" length ). Only the essentials!

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